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  1. any bike will have ‘soul’ if the rider give his ‘soul’ to it, make it as a part of him. not just a machine

  2. Bos… masa depan kita itu kavling 1×2 meter wkwkwk. Inga2 dan implementasikan. Salah satu yang dipertanggungjawabkan di akhirat adalah HARTA. Apa yang telah kita perbuat dengan harta kita. wkwkwk. Janganlah bermegah2an di dunia. wkwkwkwk. Pisssss.

  3. if I might ask, whats italian motorcycle which has less demanding & provides more friendly riding experience? grazie

  4. i think the most important point is feeling, how you feel when you’re in action on the bike, though it’s a japanese bike or just an ordinary cheap matic bike! is it a master on a monster or a monster on a master? but always remember bro…it’s really a dangerous play when you’re on a monster of speed….!

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