8 comments on “Motorcycle Show …

  1. Well done, mbah. Frankly I thought this is the kind of article that should be posted in IMN. As all of you said that IMN will be some kind of TG media wannabe. But later on, the articles just didn’t express the passion at all. It just another TMC, IWB, MM, & IB Blog’s fusion in a single site.
    Come on guys, I believe you can make IMN MUCH better than now =)

  2. totally agree with your comment..
    it would be great if the four of you who write in IMN should write in english.. for the reader from local people, each contributor has their own blogsite, it is more than enough.. so make IMN as a blog to read by everyone in the world, not only Indonesia.. beside, some of big motorbike company give a chance to Indonesia to produce some global product, for example are R25 and Nmax..

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